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Xx_Phizz-K1nG_xX tagtag  created a new thread Superbowl Thoughts? in the Sports forum
Josh83USMC tagtag  donated $100.00 to Dogs of War Gaming.
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Josh83USMC tagtag  Not a legend simply like to help.
hotdog_fingers tagtag  Awesome man...thanks!
regal_domain tagtag  Where does all of this come from its like the 3rd or fourth time man thanks
Josh83USMC tagtag  created a new thread Congrats to the PS4 Division! in the General Discussion forum
DoWG xWaltz tagtagDropped on XB today. And I can't wait to try this out
How a Tweet Turned Into the Best New Multiplayer Game in Yea...
One of the weirdest, coolest, most hyped multiplayer games in years is here, and it started with a tweet: "Contemplating building a game entirely with friends on twitter/fb. Totall...
Eli4nn tag  created a new thread Hey Guys in the New Member Intros forum
jahnerd tagtagtagHeads up DoWGs. Tonight is the night the ps4 & xb1 Destiny crew race each other through a vault raid. Check out the thread below to see who is streaming and support your team.

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COOKE_MOB tagtag  damn work made me back out sorry guys
R3VERTz_DiAmOnDz , Eli4nn tag and nuggetgamer52 joined Dogs of War Gaming
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Wayne streaming Planetside 2!
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VOZ1 tagIs the hype real? Streaming Planetside 2 on PS4 LIVE now! Join me and some DOWGs for action-packed good times!
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Josh83USMC tagtag  created a new thread Dying Light ( Initial thoughts ) in the General Discussion forum
hotdog_fingers tagtagHey DOWG's - I swapped out our youtube module on this page for a brandy new one...this one displays more thumbnails, shows views and date and show definition. Click "load more" to see more thumbnails in the playlist. Just click on a thumbnail and it will play the video in the same module...and it works on mobile now too!
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VOZ1 tag"A Battlefield-sized push..." Hmmm...Not sure if that's a good thing or not...
EA Will Give Star Wars: Battlefront a Battlefield-Sized Push
During this week's Electronic Arts earnings call, CFO Blake Jorgensen talked more about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game, which is in development at Battlefield series stud...
hotdog_fingers tagtag  Ha...all we can do is hope and pray...hope and pray.
TwoSteelBalls tagtag  Nothing like a good push....

I'm really stoked for this game
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Asylum Entertainment presents: Identity
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Battlefield Hardline Beta
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KravenGamin12 tag  created a new thread Virtual Tour (Unreal Engine 4) in the General Discussion forum
hotdog_fingers tagtagHey DOWGS...I changed the site header allows me behind the scenes to make changes easier and gives us a little more functionality...and I added links to our social media pages.
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wayneAS27 tag  Is there a way you could make it possible to post to our profile without actually having to go to it? I think we used to be able to do that.
Redman318_2002 tagtag  Its missing a gta character.. I feel so betrayed :).
hotdog_fingers tagtag  Not sure Wayne...i didn't limit any options with the current one.
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