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PS4 Pro Tip: Using Your iPod With The PS4's USB Music Player...
Yesterday's release of the PS4 2.0 firmware update, also known as "Masamune," contained one of my most-wanted features: the ability to game with my own music in the background. The...
VOZ1 tagA major buff to the attack heli. The new prototype can do some pretty incredible stunts, including loops and barrel rolls. This is part of the prototype initiative where DICE is looking to buff some vehicles. There will also be major changes to the points system (heavily favoring those who PTFO) as part of the teamplay initiative.
Battlefield 4 Prototypes - New Chinese attack helicopter and...
DICE LA has released two separate prototype initiatives on C...
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VOZ1 tag  ALSO: no more headglitching! DICE is playing around with changing where the bullet leaves your gun. No more shooting from your eyeballs...bullets will actually fire out of the barrel of your gun, which means standing right next to cover and trying to headglitch will result in your bullets clipping the cover...ya know, like how it works in real life. :)
COOKE_MOB tagtag  me, busdriver, and haicd got on last night. it was pretty fun overall. DMRs are crazy good now. I think I played with the MOD last night and finally got my DMR medal, finally, lol.
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Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 5 and Hardline release da...
Get the hype train ready because EA has announced three diff...
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Destiny's First Expansion Launches in December
The Dark Below, as it's called, will bring new missions, gear, and a level cap increase to the game. Available as part of the game's Expansion Pass or separately for $20, the pack ...
benjamino127826 tagtagtagClash of Clans Members Please Read
NegativeOmega   created a new thread New here! in the New Member Intros forum
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Some PS4 Owners Are Reporting Problems With The 2.0 Patch
Rather predictably the 2.0 patch for PlayStation 4 seems to have caused one or two problems, specifically the console will not turn on after closing down in to rest mode. "I can't ...
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Bungie makes Destiny's final Vault of Glass boss even harder
Destiny 's latest patch, released today by developer Bungie, makes it tougher to take down the final boss of the raid - both for people who are trying to do it fair and square and ...
Josh83USMC tagtag  Its just the random teleporting.
wayneAS27 tagtag  created a new thread PS4 System Software Update 2.0 in the News and Announcements forum
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Microsoft Temporarily Drops Xbox One To $349 Starting Novemb...
Microsoft has announced that it will dropping the price of Xbox One consoles and bundles by $50 beginning next week. The deal extends to all versions of the console, including the ...
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DeathPunch4U tagtag  Just in time before I pu Tams AW bundle on the third
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